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Dapol 2S-002-010 SR Schools Class Named "Brighton" Number 30915 in BR Lined Green with Late Crest - N Gauge

by Dapol
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SKU 2S-002-010

The Schools Class or more correctly the Southern Region V Class locomotive was designed by Richard Maunsell for the Southern Railway and built by their Eastleigh works between 1930 and 1935. The overall design was drawn heavily from his previous works on the Lord Nelson Class and was further ameliorated with features and components from the LSWR/SR King Arthur type locomotives. The Schools Class was the last British locomotive to have a 4-4-0 wheel arrangement and was built primarily for express passenger duties. The Schools Class was considered to be very successful design features allowed them to operate efficiently across most SR lines, which in many areas had operating restrictions which precluded other types of express locomotives. In all forty Schools Class Locomotives were constructed and all were named after English (predominantly Southern) public schools. They continued in service until 1962 and three survive today on heritage railways.

FEATURES Finely moulded body and tender with many separately added ne details DCC Ready Cast wheels with relief and appropriate colouring Stainless steel running gear Dapol’s tender drive system that delivers power to the locomotive wheels Tungsten chassis and 10 wheel pick up Finely etched name plates.

Accessory bag with spares and other added detail