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Dapol 4F-053-002 Megafret Wagon Set 3368 490 9 354-5 - OO Scale

by Dapol
SKU 4F-053-002

Megafret wagons were first introduced in 2001 and were leased exclusively by Freightliner for operation through the Channel Tunnel and across mainland Europe. Their design with low access loading platforms allowed them to carry standard 40’ and 45’ high cube containers on British Rail W9 load gauge track (maximum 9’ high by 8’6” width) enabling the expansion of the rail market share of the deep sea container business. Each Megafret was built as a twin wagon set permanently coupled together and in pristine condition had a characteristic blue livery. Megafret wagons are still in widespread usage today.

The Dapol Model of the Megafret Set Features:

  • Twin wagon pack
  • Superbly weathered Megafret available
  • Detailed moulded body with many separately added features
  • Superbly applied decoration and liveries
  • Self-centring NEM pockets at both ends