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Gaugemaster GM854 GWR Stone Barley Twist Gas Lamps Value Pack (6 Lamp Posts / 2 Wall Mounted) - OO / HO Scale

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6 x fine 4mm scale Barley twist gas lamp, GWR light and dark stone, plus two matching wall lamps with prototypical post extensions as well as 6 Prototype white LEDs for building interiors and all required Light control PCBs.

  • Barley Twist Lamp:
  • Lamp Height: 60mm
  • Tall Base Height: 23mm
  • Short Base Height: 13mm
  • Wall Lamp:
  • Lamp Length: 12mm

These lights require a 12v DC supply to illuminate them. We recommend using the GMC-WM4 plug in transformer as it will supply your circuit with a regulated 12v DC power source.

Do Not use a 16v AC supply for these lamps as they will blow.