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HMRS / Pressfix - PX10A SR Bulleid Loco Lining Transfers - 4mm Scale


Bulleid Pacific locos in Southern Green livery had three horizontal yellow stripes each side running from end to end of both loco and tender. The middle and lower stripes are continuous across the cab front. The upper two stripes on the loco are normally just above and below the cab windows, though just a little higher on the green 'Merchant Navy' clam locos turned out in 1941. The bottom stripe is just over its own width (about 1mm) above the bottom of the easing over the wheels. On the 'Merchant Navy’ class the middle stripe comes just above the nameplate. On the 'West Country’ class the nameplate covers part of the middle stripe, while on the 'Battle of Britain’ class, the top of the middle stripe comes level with the top of the shield, but usually with a gap of about 15mm in the line at this point The tender stripes are at the same height as the corresponding ones on the loco. The top stripe runs along the top edge of the tender side (or the top of the rear part on the Merchant Navy tenders. The bottom stripe is approx. 6mm from the bottom of the tender side. The number on the cabside and the word SOUTHERN on the tender are midway between the lower two lines. Matching transfers for these with full outline and shading detail on the HMRS Transfers Sheet 10.