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Oxford Diecast 76ALV004 British Racing Green Alvia Speed Twenty/Cross & Ellis - 1:76 (OO) Scale (OO)

SKU 76ALV004

The Speed 20 Alvis was manufactured between 1932 and 1936, across four variants A-D. During its lifetime, only 1185 were made in total, 400 of which were on the first Speed 20 SA. The car had superseded the Silver Eagle and retained some similarities but was also extensively modified to give it some oomph!

The updated version included a new chassis, engine refinements and improved brakes and suspension. The result was a 'tourer' capable of up to 89 mph. The large Lucas 12" headlamps became standard; the car featured a long running board. The forward four door saloon version was generally Charlesworth, whereas the sporty tourer coachwork came from Cross and Ellis, whose design we have taken for our miniature version. This model has the registration MSU 982 and is colored British Racing Green.