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Oxford Diecast 76MX004 Austin maxi Pageant Blue, 1:76 Scale

SKU 76MX004
The British made Austin Maxi was manufactured by Austin and then British Leyland between 1969 and 1981. It was described as a medium sized family car with a five door hatchback configuration and was fitted with a five-speed gearbox. The Austin Maxi was the last car designed by Sir Alec Issigonis and was assembled at the Cowley Works, Oxford. It makes its latest Oxford debut in a delicate pale blue, following on from the metallic mid green, dark red and golden yellow colour schemes already in the series. It is registered BHD 670V from 1979/1980 and comes with a beige interior. The Oxford model is based on the Maxi 1750 and our model says as much when you look at the radiator badge and the Leyland MAXI 1750 marque on the boot. Fine silver trim rounds off a model which in real life performed well, with a top speed of 97 mph.