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Kato Unitrack® Helix Kit

Kato Unitrack® Helix Kit

The latest addition to our Helix range is designed to suit Kato Unitrack®. Just like all the others we produce, it is done with ease of assembly in mind.

This 'N' gauge helix has been designed to suit 3rd & 4th radius 'N' gauge set track.

Overall diameter: 672mm

Inner Track Radius: 282mm Kato Unitrack 20-110

Outer Track Radius: 315mm Kato Unitrack 20-120

Width of track bed: 67mm

Rise per turn: 56mm

Approximate gradient: 2% (1:50)

Material: 6mm MDF



Coming Soon! Call 01202 798068 (ext 2) for details.