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ACE-3 DCC Controller by Sig-naTrak® V1.2 Release Model


Here we have the brand new ACE3 DCC Controller. A significant evolution of the ACE2, the ACE3 controller initially looks very similar to the ACE2, and it is meant to! However, one of the biggest initial differences you will see is that there are no pre printed buttons on the screen like the ACE2. On the ACE3 the entire 7inch screen is used and will change depending on which screen you are on.

User Manual V1.2 Click HERE

New features on release are:

  • Increased Power Supply - up to 6 Amps
  • Full 7 Inch Touch Screen
  • Increased loco capacity
  • Loco List for easy selection of locomotives


Existing Features:

  • Locomotive and accessory control
  • Easy locomotive programming
  • USB link for updates from PC
  • Consisting options for multiple locos
  • 4 Handset ports

Post release features:

  • Increased Function Sets from 16 to 52 (due in first update)
  • Accessory control, this is receiving a big update. Features to include a track diagram mode allowing you to see your track plan and change points, signals and more with ease. 
  • Loconet and Xpressnet upgrade module (near future) to allow linking to all other Signatrak loconet products (along with other brands loconet/xpress net products such as handsets). This will also mean that it will be able to be used with train control software such as iTrain for full or partial layout automation.
  • New Hand Controller type - an enhance version of the current simple Hand Controller. This is likely to include the ability to select locos on the handset rather than having to use the base station
  • Colour change modes on the interface
  • Customisation of screen layout