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Ammo Mig 7620 Dry Brush Land Brush Set - 4 pieces

SKU A.Mig-7620



Set of brushes made of a mixture of goat hair and AMMO's special synthetic hair for use with acrylics, enamels and oils. Resistant to the most aggressive products. The best modelling brushes for precise results with great durability. The ideal selection of shapes and sizes to paint any type of model or diorama.

This series of brushes can be used with all types of modelling paints and products including acrylics, enamels and oils. For care and maintenance, we recommend first cleaning with the appropriate thinner for the type of paint used. Once completed, use the special soap Long Live the Brushes A.MIG-8579 to preserve your brushes.

Before storing, reshape the tip into a point and cover it with the protective plastic cap.


This set includes the following AMMO brush references:

  • A.MIG-8596 6 Synthetic Filbert Brush
  • A.MIG-8595 4 Synthetic Filbert Brush
  • A.MIG-8619 1 Synthetic Flat Brush
  • A.MIG-8622 10 Synthetic Flat Brush