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Noch 60135 Gras-Master 2.0 Static Grass Applicator ** LAST ONE AT THIS PRICE **

by Noch
SKU N60135

THE Original - now even more powerful! The original Gras-Master was a multi-award winning product voted for by the national and international trade press, and enthusiastically used by thousands of modellers. With our Gras-Master 2.0 we have made a good product even better. The Gras-Master 2.0 has a high voltage field of 20,000 Volt, being 25% more powerful than the preceding Gras-Master.

Thus, the electrostatic grass covering - even with extra long grass fibres - can be achieved without difficulty. The grass fibres get electrostatically charged in the Gras-Master and land in a vertical position on the ground. The Gras-Master is accompanied by 3 sieves which can be used for the application of grass fibres with different lengths. We recommend the finest sieve for 1 mm to 2,5 mm (0.04 in. to 0.1 in.) long fibres, the medium sized sieve for 2,5 mm to 6 mm (0.1 in. to 0.24 in.) long fibres and the big sieve for 6 mm to 12 mm (0.24 in. to 0.47 in.) long fibres.

A fine nozzle, is available as accessory item, can be used for the application of grass on difficult to reach areas.


  • Super Strong: Perfect electrostatic grass covering with 20,000 Volt at a low current flow.
  • Versatile: Ideal for the electrostatic application of extra long grass fibres.
  • Practical: Quick working without tiring and easy to use thanks to its ergonomic design.
  • Independent: With the use of batteries you can work everywhere and "wirelessly" on your model landscape without being annoyed by trailing cables.
  • Flexible: Thanks to 3 metal sieves, all popular grass fibres lengths can be used.
  • Clean: Easy and clean handling as the grass fibres are housed in a closed container.
  • Proven: The preceding model has been awarded several prizes and been successfully used by thousands of happy customers.