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Gaugemaster GM479 The Ford Hampton Eye Ferris Wheel , OO Gauge

The Fordhampton Eye has become a semi-permanent attraction in the fictitious town of Fordhampton. These ‘Big Wheels’ have become part of cityscapes around the country and are a popular way for visitors to get a birds-eye view of the local area. This model is a free turning model and can be posed as you wish. If you prefer, you can add the Faller Synchronous Motor for motorised operation. An additional Lighting Kit is also available for this wheel allowing you to illuminate your pods and signs with LED lighting while adding to the excitement of this British Airlines Eye. The kit contains 267 parts plus clear sheet, decal sheet and instructions. We recommend the use of Faller Super Expert Plastic Glue when constructing this kit. FEATURES Large Eye Wheel with 20 pods Entrance and Exit lanes Provision for motor and LEDs SPECIFICATIONS LENGTH 215mm WIDTH 199mm HEIGHT 326mm