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Heljan 9625 BR Motorail Pack of 3 NVV Coaches Numbers E96288/E9689 and E962293 in BR Blue Grey Livery (ERA 7/8) ** WEATHERED ** - OO Gauge

by Heljan
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Built in 1961 by Newton Chambers, these unusual looking coaches were designed to carry up to 6 cars per coach (4 on the upper deck and 2 in the well between the bogies) with a maximum weight of 12 tons.

The coaches were fitted with vacuum brakes and steam pipes for heating and were mostly used on the overnight runs to Scotland.


  • Finely Applied Livery Details
  • NEM Couplings
  • Early/late rooflight arrangement
  • Steam/dual heating parts
  • Vacuum/dual braking parts
  • Fine bogie/underframe detail
  • Authentic livery differences between vehicles in each pack
  • Weathered


  • 3 x Heljan Newton Chambers Wagons


CLASS Car Carrier
RUNNING NUMBER E96288/289/293E
LIVERY Blue/Grey