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Lenz LS150 Digital Plus Accessory Decoder

The DIGITAL plus LS150 turnout decoder provides cost effective turnout control for up to 6 independent turnouts.

This point decoder requires a separate 16v AC power supply, such as the Lenz TR100 or Gaugemaster WM1.
  • Suitable for twin-coil snap action switch machines
  • Suitable for motorized switch machines
    Will require a pair of diodes to convert to 2 wire operation eg Tortoise.
  • High current provision to support Peco and Atlas switch machines
  • The 6 turnout addresses can be sequential or up to 6 user selected addresses.
  • Control using separate push-buttons possible.
  • Configuring the LS150 does not require a separate programming track and the parameters can be changed at any time in the future even after installation