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Humbrol AV0018 Weathering Powder 45ml - Light Rust

by Humbrol
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SKU Av0018
Humbrol Weathering Powders are a versatile means of adding realistic weathering effects to your models, figures and dioramas. They can be mixed to create different shades, enabling a full range of finishes from dust to mud, soot, rust and many more. USAGE Used to create realistic weathered effects. SUBSTRATE Weathering Powder can be applied to most substrates depending on the method. APPLICATION Weathering Powder can be applied dry or mixed with several Humbrol products. Sealing the powders can be done by using a Spray Varnish. Care and attention will be needed as permenent damage can occur. HOW TO CLEAN Depending on application, powders ca be cleaned off with water or thinners. SPECIFICATIONS VOLUME 45ml