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Noch 15107 Racing Drivers (2) & Mechanics |(4) (OO/HO Scale)

by Noch
SKU 15107
The goal for racers is to complete a course quicker than others in the shortest possible time without causing an accident. This sport is very dangerous as it can always lead to accidents and broken cars. This makes competent, reliable mechanics, who check the racing cars before the race and are available for pit stops during the race to change tyres and, if necessary, repair the racing car, all the more important. The Figures Set contains 6 figures. Two of them are racers in red race suits. One of them has already taken his helmet off and is waving to the spectators excitedly while the other still has his racing helmet on and a victory wreath hanging from his neck. He is also waving enthusiastically to the crowd. 4 figures of mechanics are taking care of the racing cars. They are all wearing blue overalls or dungarees. While one figure is rolling away a loose wheel, another mechanic has set about screwing the racing car’s wheel bolts back on. Another mechanic is leaning over the car to inspect it. The fourth mechanic is standing upright, contemplating his work with his hand on his hips.