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Oxford Diecast 76AC002 Austin Champ 9th Parachute Reg 16th, OO Scale, 1:76 Scale

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The Suez crisis of the second half of 1956 was a result of the Egyptian President, Colonel Nasser trying to nationalise and control the Suez Canal, the 120 mile stretch of which had come under the jurisdiction of both France and Great Britain.  The situation escalated and in November 1956, Operation Musketeer comprising British, French and Israeli Forces attacked Port Said and took up positions to recapture the Canal.  Although the mission was successful, the whole exercise came under scrutiny and the forces were withdrawn in favour of a UN peacekeeping force being deployed. Britain’s reputation suffered a heavy blow and the Prime Minister Sir Anthony Eden resigned.

The Austin Champ was manufactured between 1951 and 1956 by the Austin Motor Company, firstly for military use as shown here but also later on for civilian use as well.  The second release of Oxford’s 1:76 scale Austin Champ is decorated as it would have been deployed by the British Forces during the Suez Crisis which started in Port Said and the Sinai Desert. It wears the desert colour scheme of light stone with darker beige moulded seating. The open topped jeep is registered with a military number plate 44 BE 54 and carries Allied military markings in white on the sides and on the bonnet edge.  The front and rear bumpers feature the Pegasus badge and rider identifying the vehicle as deployed with the Parachute Regiment Airborne Forces. The yellow military bridge plate above the front bumper carries the number 4. Finishing touches show the wheel centres painted the same as the body colour while the steering wheel is black with silver spokes. The dashboard and instrument panel are also black.