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Oxford Diecast 76KG2002 Austin K2 Ambulance 51st Highland Division 1994, 1:76 Scale

SKU 76K2002

The Oxford Military Series welcomes the second release of the new WWII Austin K2 Ambulance, as it worked its way across the battlefields with the 51st Highland Division in 1944.

The Regiment was part of Operation Overlord during the Normandy Landings in June 1944 and spent much of that year in Normandy before moving north in October 1944 to join the garrison on the River Meuse in the Battle of the Bulge.

The second release of the Austin K2 Ambulance is decorated completely in olive green drab including the rolled back ‘doors’ of the driver’s cab which is open to reveal the grey interior seating..   Both of the exterior sides, the front and rear carry the Red Cross insignia and there is no military registration plate.

The K2 Ambulance bears the red and blue divisional insignia HD as used after 1940 which is printed on the nearside front and back of the vehicle. The white WD Census number is printed in white along the edge of the bonnet and again on the rear offside. Our K2 Ambulance also features the number 4 printed in black on the yellow bridge plate indicating the tonnage of the vehicle.

The dark green model is in sharp contrast to the desert sand scheme which launched the K2 Ambulance, both of which represent the important part it played in different theatres of war during the conflict.