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Oxford Diecast 76PB007 Commer PB Post Office Telephones - 1:76 (OO) Scale

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Commer was a British manufacturer of commercial vehicles between 1905 and 1979. Originally based in South London before expansion and relocation to Luton, their vehicles included anything from a small van to heavy commercial trucks, military vehicles and buses.

One of their main contracts was with the Post Office which bought fleets of the small commercial Commer FC introduced in 1960 but following many upgrades was renamed the PB. Our model is based on the Commer PB with a 1975 registration plate – LDD 78P. Decorated in the bright yellow Post Office Telecommunications livery of the period with red lettering, our tooling has been modified to take a roof beacon, roofrack and ladders. The lettering on the van doors beneath the Crown indicates it as belonging to the Gloucester Telecommunications area. It's a great little model to fit into a space on your Post Office timeline.