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Oxford Diecast 76SCT002 Scania Evo6 Car Transporter Quinns, 1:76 Scale

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SKU 76SCT002
For the second car transporter, we've chosen the bright red and white colour scheme of Quinns Car Transport from Sheffield. A family firm founded in 1985 by Anthony and Susan Quinn, Quinns Car Transport has developed into one of the UK's leading specialists in nationwide vehicle movements. From simple beginnings, the company now has over fifty up to the minute transporters. The model represents the 12-car load vehicle made by Hunwick Engineering Ltd in Essex. As with our first release, the intricate tooling design is complemented once more by the high level of decorative detail of the Quinns bright red and white corporate colour scheme, in particular the red and white chequered finish on both cab and trailer. The transporter is registered YN59 BHJ and additional detail includes the company's contact information printed in white on the cab doors while their Sheffield telephone number is reproduced in white on the ramp section above the cab.