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Oxford Diecast 76SET675 Piece VW Camper Set T1/T2/T3/T4/T5 1:76 (OO) Scale

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Our great gift set comprises a time-line of five VW Type 2 series of camper vans from the T1 right through to the T5. They are 76 Scale and come on a plinth in a presentation case, each model is 5.5-6.3cm long - 00 scale. First up is 76VWS006, a two-tone T1 in white and mouse grey, registered OWP 362E from 1967. It features light tan seats and floor with a beige steering wheel. The T1 was produced from 1950 to 1967. Second in the line-up is 76VW012, an open camper van in fresh lime green and white with lift up roof and tan roof rack. Registered LYL 577K from 1971/72, it has a blue grey interior. Then we've added 76T25009, the Westfalia T25 in medium blue and white with its trademark 'Joker' high top roof. With brown interior, the T25 has a bit more style and comfort from its predecessors. Fourth in the set comes 76T4001, the VW T4 Westfalia Camper in Paprika Red with contrasting grey interior, registered J469 MDL from 1991/1992. It was produced by VW from 1990 to 2003 when it was succeeded by the T5 which rounds off our set in the form of 76T5C001, the T5 California Camper in a striking metallic blue with silver chrome work, registered DK13 YKG. The T5 was still in production right up until 2015.