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Oxford Diecast 76TLM001 London Fire Brigade Leyland TLM Fire Engine 1:76 Scale

SKU 76TLM001
This emergency vehicle represents one of four Leyland TLM fire engines in service with the London Fire Brigade. Featuring the German designed Metz turntable ladders, DGJ310 was from the first batch of two ordered in 1934 and delivered in 1938. As Number 22 in the London fleet of turntable ladders, it saw service at Whitechapel. On the technical front, the impressive ladder was made up of four sections with a total extended length of 101 feet. The Metz ladder profile was that of a heavy steel square section with a pair of chains on the ladder turret which the firemen used to facilitate the elevation of the ladder. In addition, a Rees turbine pump emitted 500 gallons of water per minute.
By 1939 there were 52 Leyland/Metz turntable ladders being used by British fire brigades. However, due to the WWII hostilities, further orders were cancelled, to be replaced in due course by Merryweather appliances. However, 32 of the TLM/Metz remained in service , some lasting until the mid 1960s.