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Rapido Trains 905004 Metro Vickers Class 28 Diesel Locomotive Number D5707 in BR Green (with full yellow end) DC/Silent Version - N Gauge

SKU 905004

Known as ‘Metrovicks’, ‘Crossleys’ or ‘Co-Bos’, the 20 locomotives built by Metropolitan Vickers incorporated a number of unusual features. The Crossley diesel engine was a two-stroke and it had an unusual wheel arrangement of five driving axles (three under the No. 1 end and two under the No. 2 end). Wrap around windows were also fitted to the driver’s cabs. Originally, all 20 were allocated to the Midland Division of BR’s London Midland Region. Pairs were used on the London-Glasgow ‘Condor’ express freight service. However, the Crossley engines were problematic from the outset and suffered from regular failures, unacceptable levels of exhaust fumes and vibration issues. The latter issue combined with poor design resulted in the drivers windows working loose. By 1961, the locomotives were returned to Metropolitan Vickers for remedial work, that included new flat cab windows. Locomotives were subsequently based at Barrow-in-Furness and Carlisle Upperby. However, this work did not resolve the Type 2’s problems. Given that the rest of the locomotive’s components were reliable, BR considered replacing the engines. However, this was not to be and the class was withdrawn from service between 1967 and 1968 with only one surviving into preservation. The Rapido model will represent the locomotives after their 1961 works visit with later style cab windows.


  • Post-1961 flat screen version
  • High quality motor and mechanism
  • Next 18 decoder socket
  • Directional lighting
  • Wealth of separately fitted and highly detailed parts
  • NEM coupler pockets



    SCALE 1:76
    LIVERY BR Green Full Yellow Ends
    OPERATOR British Railway
    PAINT FINISH Pristine