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DCC Concepts DCD-ADS-2fx Universal DCC Decoder CDU Solenoid Drive (2-Way, Added Features)


ADS-2fx is a high-performance, high-feature level 2-output DCC accessory decoder with built-in CDU on every output designed to power Seep, Hornby, Peco and similar high current point motors properly and make sure they change every single time!

ADS-2fx can be powered with either DC or with DCC. Power supply loading is very low, and because it stores all the energy it needs on-board, when it changes your solenoids it won’t drain train-running power.

Addressing is so easy that we call it “set” rather than programming – there are no CVs to set and there is no need for special programming either.

The ADS2-fx is easy to install, set up and connect to your layout systems:

  • Screw connectors means no need to solder
  • One power input point for all outputs
  • Simple 3-wire output to the device being controlled
  • 3 high power terminals for direct connection of point frogs and/or panel LEDs and/or signal
  • 3 switch terminals with the option of one or two push-button switches
  • Feedback / IO data is provided via a pair of solder-pads– These output a low voltage as needed with output changing from 0v to +5v for direct connection of position feedback to systems that require it – or to any computer IO interface at all. Main/branch indication can be set by just swapping wires as needed!
  • Simple “SET” / “RUN” 2-position switch for easy addressing.
  • Flat back for easy layout mounting.

ADS-2fx simply does everything that Solenoid users have always wanted but never received from ANY solenoid motor accessory decoder in the past. ADS-2fx also has really high power available so it can control multiple point motors on each of its outputs, so it is economical too!