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DCC Concepts DCD-MELL Alpha Mimic Add-On Building Lighting Discs + Leads, 24 Lamp Leads and 24 Building LEDS,

Alpha Mimic Add-On Building Lighting Discs + Leads allows you to add more Lighting Discs to your Alpha Mimic Plug & Play Controllable Building Lighting system. This pack also allows for analog (or “DC”) installation of Alpha Mimic Building Lighting without the DCC control board. Simply supply DC power to the Lighting Disc to illuminate your building. Remember to always use a resistor to protect your LED – we suggest using a minimum of a 1,000 Ohm (1K) resistor on a regulated 12V DC feed. Pack contents: 24x Self-Adhesive Building Lighting Discs 24x Mimic Plug Cables 1x Pack of Red & Black Heatshrink 1x Instruction Leaflet Accessories and Essentials iLink Solderless Connectors – Use these to connect your Lighting Disc to the Mimic Plug Cable with no soldering!