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DCC Concepts DCS-ST2080D 80 Watt Hand-Held Soldering Iron with Temperature Control (Complete with mains plug)


Super-high quality 80 Watt adjustable (with digital control) soldering iron with a 4-core ceramic PTC heater. The ST2080D has a temperature range from 350°C to 480°C.

Usable worldwide (110V to 240V AC), the ST2080D is of course EMC safe. It is supplied with TWO tips appropriate for modelling use.

Comfortable to hold, the ST2080D has some excellent features including “Auto-Sleep” after ten minutes to save your tips and “Auto-Off” after 20 minutes to keep YOU safe.

DCCconcepts carry spare tips and service parts so we can provide service should you damage your soldering iron.

We recommend the DCS-S11 stand for this soldering iron. For most soldering you will do, DCCconcepts S179 solder and No-Clean flux are the perfect answer.