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DCC Concepts DML-EOT3 End of Train Tail Lamps - Modern (3 pack) - OO Scale


Loco & Rolling Stock Lamps

As with all things in the hobby, detail matters.

In the real world, no Steam locomotive or early diesel loco ever ran on the main line without an appropriate set of classification lamps which designated the reason it was there – whether pulling a passenger train, a local goods or just running light on test after being serviced.

DCCconcepts make the ONLY properly scaled, working loco lamps available. They even have hinged handles! We have created two primary styles of lamps. Square (Primarily BR/LMS, but identical to the GWR lamp apart from the orientation of the handle) and round (Primarily LNER, but also used by its component pre-grouping companies and in a very similar style, Southern or SR.

With both red and white available, plus red + white (two lenses, as per guards van use) and red + white (out the same lens – for shunting and many tank locos that reversed route), all possibilities are covered!

We thought about what colour they should be too:

In BR days and earlier lamps were almost never hard white – so the square lamp is moulded in black and should be dry brushed with a hint of white to show them in their usual “well-worn and grubby” real world condition. The round LNER lamp is often seen today on main line excursion trains and is usually a clean white lamp… so in this case. Back-date it to grubbier steam era days with some black!