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Deluxe Materials BD-63 Smart Plastic 125g.


Heat mouldable modelling plastic. Melt & then mould in your hand. Smart Plastic is a safe, white modelling plastic that is easily melted in hot water (40-60C) to a soft consistency, ideal for hand moulding to any shape. Sets in 3-4 mins to a tough, flexible plastic that can be re-melted. Ideal for • custom fabrication-making impressions, model car body parts work, masks, moulding, or prototype work • repairs: strengthening & reinforcing broken model car body shells parts plastics & other materials. • Quickly handle-able. • Setting is accelerated by cold water. • Can be coloured with inks or acrylics. • Cut with scissors. Instructions: 1. Pour Smart Plastic granules into a cup and cover with hot water (40-60C) not boiling. 2. Allow melting and fusing together. 3. Extract the plastic with implement and start moulding on non stick surface. Caution care with hot water. 4. Store away from heat. Contents 200ml