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Digitrax DH165K1A Mobile Decoder 1.25 amp for Kato Locomotives


DH165K1A fits many Kato HO Diesel Locomotives.

Compatible with Digitrax Sound Bug

Decoder Lock equipped.

Physical Size 2.877” x .667” x .173” 73.076 x 16.942mm x 4.394mm

Current Rating 1.25/2.0 Amps Interface Decoder End Wires Locomotive End/Plug Board Repl Board Replacement Board Replacement #

Functions 6 Function

Current Rating 500mA

Function Type FX3

FX3 decoders have motor isolation protection. If the decoder senses that the motor is not isolated, it will not run the motor. In this case, you will be able to control the loco’s functions but the motor will not work.