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Gaugemaster GM658 Super Hands Modelling Aid

Brand: Gaugemaster
Part Number: GM658

Helping Hands and LED Magnifier Workstation. This set of "Super Hands" is the ideal companion for any modellers work bench. The key features of this handy tool are a lit magnifying glass for close up painting and soldering jobs, two croc clips for holding wires, miniature figures and other items which are being worked on and a soldering iron stand to avoid burns on the work bench.

  • 1 x "Super Hands" Modellers Tool
  • 1 x USB Cable for Mains Use
  • 3x AAA Batteries for cordless use.

2in1 Magnifier:

  • Main Lens 3x magnification
  • Insert Lens 4.5x magnification
  • 10 LEDs for cool, bright light
  • Locking nuts for precision

Adjustable Work Holder:

  • 360 degree rotation
  • Locking nut adjustment
  • Sliding base to pull work closer
  • Removable mini vice 10mm capacity