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Gaugemaster GM783 Urban Scenic Sounds Module


Scenic Sounds Modules bring life to any layout!

Sound can really bring a layout to life and these new modules make it so easy; just connect two wires to the nearest power source, hide the module, and turn it on.


  • Compact sound module with built-in loudspeaker
  • Real natural sounds specially recorded for these modules
  • Easy connections - just two screw terminals for power supply
  • Power from 8-16v smooth DC for natural random sounds
  • Or power from DCC for controlling sounds by DCC or random
  • Fits inside a model or under the baseboard
  • Built-in adjustable volume control
  • Joint British development between Gaugemaster and Train-Tech

When powered by DC:

Modules play an appropriate background sound with individual sounds played in randomly.

When powered by DCC:

Modules can play randomly as above, or individual sounds can be played on command by DCC; e.g.Point throw played as a point changes, signal rodding etc.

Sounds on this module include:

  • Roadworks
  • Aeroplane flying over
  • Slow moving traffic
  • General city noise