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Heljan 4950 BR MK1 Coach - 57ft BG Carmine and Cream Livery - O Gauge

by Heljan
SKU Heljan 4950


Designed by R.A Riddles (The Mechanical & Engineering Member of the Railway Executive) and aided by E. Pugson (Carriage & Wagon Chief Officer) and E.S Cox (Design Chief Officer), the Mark I carriage had a separate body and underframe.

The standard body length was 64'6" and a width of 8'8", at cantrail height. Some coaches were built with a shorter body length of 57'0". The shorter vehicles were intended for use where the track curvature was too tight to accommodate the longer vehicles, due to excessive overhang.

The design was used for hauled passenger stock, multiple unit carriages, and non-passenger carrying stock. For passenger stock, construction continued from 1951 to 1963, while multiple units and non-passenger carrying stock continued to be built until 1974.

At the design stage of these coaches care was taken to ensure that passengers could enjoy an unobstructed view from the train; from all seats. Seats were aligned to windows and on the long-distance design of Mark 1, the windows had a low sill, just 25 inches (635 mm) above the floor.


SERVICE CAREER 1951 onwards
PURPOSE Express/secondary passenger


DIESEL BR Class 17/20/25/26/31/33/35/37/40/42/45/47/50/52/53/55


LENGTH 404mm