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Metcalfe PO277 Low Relief Stone Terraced House Backs Card Kit - OO / HO Scale

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Brand: Metcalfe
Part Number: PO277
Scale / Type: OO Scale
Our Code: PO277

Low relief models are popular with modellers, creating as they do a nice scenic backdrop to a layout. With these two kits there are two pairs of terraced backs in each pack complete with back yards and outbuilding. They can be paired up with the PO274/5 House Fronts to make stand alone buildings and will also match up with the soon to be released low relief terraced style shop fronts PO278/9. The real beauty of Metcalfe kits is that you can vary them as you build them, and add extra parts as desired. Modellers can also add a little personality to each model by using some of the Ratio and Wills kits accessories, such as drainpipes, chimneys and guttering. Wills kit SS46 Building Detail Pack would be a good place to start, and many of the SSMP Materials Packs will add character to the scene around a Metcalfe kit, such as paving and cobblestones.