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Metcalfe PO501 GWR Benches (Laser Cut Card Kit) - OO / HO Scale

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Brand: Metcalfe
Part Number: PO501
Scale / Type: OO Scale
Our Code: PO501

The Great Western Railway had a style and image of all of its own, from locomotives and buildings to carriages and staff uniforms, and all the way down to the simplest of equipment, including the humble station seat. The most common seats comprised of cast iron ends with wooden slats, and it is these that form the subject of this kit from Metcalfe Models.

These kits are a wonderful example of the new high standard of fidelity now achievable in card kit manufacturing. Using new laser-cutting technology each of these benches features very fine detail, yet still remain straight forward to assemble, following the clear instructions provided in the pack. Die-cut on coloured card the end result is particularly pleasing, especially the "GWR" roundel so distinctive on these benches.

Pack Contents:
  • 4 x Laser Cut GWR Bench Kits