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Peco Modelscene 5300 Cricket Match Figure Set - OO Scale

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SKU 5300

Fully painted, this is brand new tooling from Peco, and the figures look amazing! Take a close look at the wicket keeper: no, it's not Jack Russell, but the likeness is uncanny! Although not necessarily an immediate choice for a set of figures for railway modelling, when you think of railways in the countryside, it is not entirely uncommon to find a cricket ground adjacent to a line, so these figures will certainly give modellers a new scenic opportunity for the next new layout. All that is needed next is the cricket pavilion, scoreboard, this space!

This set comprises of the following items:
  • 11 assorted fielders and bowler
  • 2 batsmen
  • 2 umpires
  • 1 pair of wickets