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Mr Hobby B-513 - Mr Super Clear Gloss - 170ml Aerosol *** Personal Shoppers Only - Not available by Post***

SKU B513

A range of surface primers that can be used as gap and seam fillers as well as primers used by model makers and sculptors.

Many・This coating agent is specially formulated for use with Mr. COLOR. It should be used after Mr. COLOR has dried completely.

・It cannot be used over water-based hobby colors.
・It will damage slide marks if applied over them.
・Should not be used in airbrushing on hot and humid days (temperature of 30° C or more, humidity of 70% or more) as blushing can occur.

・When a Mr. COLOR and Mr. SPRAY car color is marked “two coat”, be sure to apply a coat of Mr. SUPER CLEAR SHINE. This applies to automobile colors as well. The original color can be restored by recoating. people think the Mr. Surfacer products are the cure for all modelling problemsbe it normal gap filling, smoothing or back filling, here at MDP we certainly prefer it to the likes of a Milliput wash or liquid greenstuff. There are three grades of Mr. Surfacer - 500, 1000 and 1200. Like sandpaper/emery cloth, the lower the number, the coarser the granules. Mr. Surfacer can be used straight from the bottle using a spotter paintbrush, cotton swab (que tip) or toothpick for filling in bumps, scratches and pits. If the hole is large, use several layers, keeping each application thin so it dries thoroughly. Mr. Surfacer is also great for filling in seams. Once it has dried, you can remove any excess with a swab dipped in rubbing alcohol (IPA). The alcohol will soften Mr. Surfacer and rubbing it will remove the excess or it can be easily sanded using our range of MDC or Pro Modeller sanding sticks and sponges.

A few notes of caution...Mr. Surfacer does dry very quickly. Also, remember that Mr. Surfacer is lacquer-based so you should complete as much of your filling and finishing work as possible before applying paint, especially enamel. Lacquer-based products can cause severe cracking, splitting or bubbling on enamels. To avoid this, you can use Mr. Surfacer 1200 spray as a primer or another lacquer-based primer on areas you find that may still need work.