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Mr Hobby PS-268 Procon Boy SQ Airbrush 0.4mm Nozzle Single Action

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SKU PS-268

I had been wanting to try one of this style of single action airbrushes for some time as I normally use dual action brushes. So I took the plunge and purchased the Mr Hobby PS-268 0.4mm Procon Boy SQ Single Action Airbrush . I have now used this brush on several projects and simply WOW its so simple to use and the paint atomisation is superb from very fine lines even with a 0.4mm needle to a wide spray. It comes into its own when you need a consistent pattern and it takes all the worry out of trigger control. Single action airbrushes are also the easiest way to apply natural metal finishes. When it comes to clean up time it a total breeze and extremely quick. If you have ever thought about trying this type of airbrush go for it as I will give it a massive thumbs up and recommend it very highly you wont regret it.