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Noch 07028 Flocked White Grass Tufts XL Mini Set 12mm (42)

by Noch
SKU N07028

The Colours of the Summer.

The popular NOCH Grass Tufts are ideal for decorating your model landscape.

Whether you wish to re-create forest edges, meadows, railway embankments, flower beds, industrial wasteland, gravel paths, parking places, gateways, sidewalks, etc., the Grass Tufts always find a home, and add an even more realistic touch to your layout.

The NOCH assortment contains a large selection of grass tufts and grass strips. Thanks to the innovative packaging, the grass blades are standing upright. The tufts are easy to remove of the blister and can be planted directly into the landscape. We recommend one drop of universal adhesive or hot glue on the grass tufts before placing them directly on the preferred surface.