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Noch 07282 Olive Green Wild Grass Foliage (20cm x 23cm) - Suitable for all scales Z to G

by Noch
SKU N07282
Brand: Noch
Part Number: 07282
Scale / Type: Z / N / TT / HO / OO / O / Gauge 1 / G Scales
Our Code: 07282

oil green, 20 x 23 cm Details wild grass foliage Natural Realistic Landscaping - Foliages by NOCH Foliages are very important products for demanding landscape design. They are used in a wide variety of fields: floors are given natural colors and realistic structures with foliages; The banks of the river and the edges of the forest are given a natural appearance, shrubs and trees are given a more realistic volume thanks to the Foliagen. To meet the different applications, we have developed foliages in four different areas: Classic Foliage: The "classic" foliage is flocked with a fine, naturally colored flock. It is perfect for creating groundcover, moss and low vegetation. We recommend the use of classic foliage, in particular, to make monotonous green areas more realistic and to loosen up. Wild grass foliage: The wild grass foliage is created by electrostatic flocking. Different grasses and flakes are combined. The wild grass foliage is ideal for creating realistic grass growth on natural meadows, along forest edges, river banks or lakes. Meadow foliage: Meadow foliage is also electrostatically flocked. In comparison to wild grass foliage, shorter fibers are used. The meadow foliage is then also used in all areas in which humans intervene in the natural plant growth. Examples are meadows and pastures as well as agricultural areas. Foliage Foliage: The foliage Foliage is characterized by the flocking with the uniquely finely cut STILL foliage. It is mainly used for greening shrubs and trees as well as for the design of small shrubs and groundcover. The new NOCH Foliages are characterized by unique material properties: Extremely thin and highly flexible carrier material: This makes it possible to apply the foliage on craggy surfaces or to break it up into individual pieces and also to install them selectively. Permanently flexible adhesive: For flocking, we use a permanently flexible adhesive, which ensures the flexibility of Foliagen. Elaborate flocking: The foliages are flocked with up to five different materials. In some cases, the electrostatic flocking is used. This guarantees the natural look of NOCH Foliagen. Content: 0.05 square meters Packaging Unit: 1 piece Length: 200.00 mm Width: 230.00 mm