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Noch 07421 Cornfield Natur+ Mat 22x20cm with Grass Tufts (10)

by Noch
SKU N07421
The nature + meadows and fields are super-realistic compositions of various high-quality, electrostatically processed grass fibers. The fibers are applied one after the other in a specially developed and patented process. This technology and the mixture of different fiber colors and lengths make for a stunningly realistic look. The wafer-thin carrier for the grass fibers is a specially developed transparent adhesive that remains permanently flexible. Due to this special nature, you can easily adapt nature + meadows and fields to various surface forms such as hills, railway embankments, hollows or the like. Each package also contains 10 tufts of matching color for the realistic design or for the optimal design of transitions. The application is very simple: The meadow can be either completely installed or cut into small pieces or torn into the landscape. Advantages of Nature + Meadows & Fields · grass fibers of varying lengths (2.5 to 12 mm) in different colors are flocked one after the other in a special process. · Extra-thin carrier layer made of flexible special adhesive · easy laying even on uneven ground · very easy to handle (cut, tear, glue) · including grass tuft for the realistic design Content: Packaging Unit: 1 set