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Noch 08752 Snow Paste (250ml)

by Noch
SKU N08752
250 g Contains 1,2-benzisothiazol-3 (2H) -one. Can cause allergic reactions. Details snow paste Who loves details, goes with the seasons! When the first snowflakes dance through the air at the end of the year, not only are children's eyes shining ... Winters must be white - that's just part of our latitude. Even many model-making fans do not want to give up their installations on ice crystals and snowflakes and are dedicated to the long evenings of the loving design of a winter landscape. To make it as natural as possible, NOCH offers a wide range of specific products for the cold, white seasons. This is guaranteed to warm your heart! The snow paste enchants objects and landscapes into a true winter wonderland. Content: 250.00 g Packaging Unit: 1 piece