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Noch 08760 Snowflakes - 75g Bag

by Noch
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SKU N08760

 The innovative NOCH snowflakes are special fibres with a length of only 1 mm.

Firstly the area to be snowed is covered with the snow glue (Art. Then the snowflakes are applied with the NOCH Gras-Master 2.0 (item 60135) or the grass-spray box (item 08100). A velvety, glittering snow cover appears, which looks like freshly fallen powder snow. The resulting winter idyll can be designed in detail with the NOCH Snow Paste (Art. If there is no snow glue to hand, you can also use STILL grass glue (P / N 61130 or 61131). However, the landscape to be snowed should first be primed white.

Note: For 1 m² approx. 75 g snowflakes and approx. 500 g snow glue are needed. Content: 75.00g