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Noch 14985 72 Unpainted Figures, HO/OO Scale

by Noch
SKU 14985
Until now, the individual painting of figures was a tedious affair – the figures, which were dismantled into many small parts, first had to be separated from the molded part and then glued together in a laborious process. Thanks to the development of a special injection mold, there is no need to assemble the figures before painting them - they are already in one piece on the molded part. The figures can easily be painted directly on the sprue, so you always have a firm grip on the model when painting. After the figure has been completely painted and the paint has dried, it is simply separated from the sprue and glued into the model landscape. FEATURES: Inexpensive bulk packs Easy to paint on the sprue One-piece figures - no assembly required SPECIFICATIONS QUANTITY 75 SCALE 1:87