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Noch 15029 City Cleaners and Accessories Set - OO / HO Scale

by Noch
SKU N15029
The set includes six hand-painted model figures, all in 1:87 scale. The figure on the far left wears blue work clothes, also called "Blaumann", and an orange safety vest. Also, the cap on the head is in the same, striking, orange warning color. The black safety shoes may not be missing at the city cleaning course. The model figure pulls a black garbage bin or trash can behind it, takes care of the garbage disposal and thus ensures order on the streets in the city and in the country. The next city cleaner holds a black toolbox in his hand. So you can ideally small things, such. B. Trash can, repair at the roadsides. The next model figures each hold a broom in their hands. The last city cleaner holds in one hand a blue garbage bag and in the other hand a leaf vacuum. Content: Packaging Unit: 1 set