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Noch 15899 Mountain Bikers Figure Set - Contains 3 riders - OO / HO Scale

by Noch
SKU N15899
Brand: Noch
Part Number: 15899
Scale / Type: HO / OO Scales
Our Code: 15899

Details Mountainbikers In 2017 we are celebrating a small anniversary: In 1997 NOCH launched the first figures on the market and in the meantime our product line has grown considerably. By now, we offer more than 250 different figure sets and on even individual figures. This is no small feat. The »Mountainbiker« model figure set contains three men, each of which ride a mountain bike. All of them wear a protective helmet for safety reasons. One of the men pushes his silver-coloured mountain bike along the way. He wears a blue shirt with 3/4 sleeves, a pair of knee-high black pants, and blakc shoes. On his back he wears a green backpack with his provisions for the day. The next biker is in the process of riding up a steep hill. He is riding up-right standing for more tractions. His outfit consists out of a yellow t-shirt, a pair of bright blue pants, and bright blue shoes. His mountain bike is silvery-grey. The third biker is also male and he decided on a lilac-coloured t-shirt, a pair of knee-high pants, and black shoes. he wears a grey backpack on his back. A mountain bike, or also all-terrain bicycle, is a bicycle particularly suited for off-road use and difficult terrain. The mountain bike, just like a racing bicycle, is more of a sport utensil than a regular vehicle, which also means that it often does not fulfill the traffic regulations (of some countires), such as having all necessary components in terms of lighting, warning bells, or reflectors. (Source: Wikipedia.) Contents: Packaging Unit: 1 Piece/Pieces