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Noch 21761 Oak Tree 190mm / 7.48 inches Tall - Suitable for OO and O Scales

by Noch
SKU N21761

Did you know that birches can grow up to 30 meters and lime trees up to 40 m? A birch tree then would be up to 34 cm high in OO / HO gauge, and a lime tree up to 50 cmwhich is too tall for most layouts. However, we do understand that it would be good to also have some beautiful, tall solitary trees on a layout. For that reason, NOCH now offers tall and impressive Birch Trees, Lime Trees, Oak Trees and Chestnut Trees. The PROFI tree series from NOCH embraces a huge selection of realistic and faithful model trees. As a reward to the big PROFI trees, very special impressive solitary trees can be purchased now. Every PROFI tree has been manufactured by hand in the Noch factory in Vietnam. Thus, the tribes are dull coloured by hand to avoid an unnatural shine of plastic. The tree crown receives more capacity, due to a special fleece that is incorporated into the arches of the tree. The PROFI trees are getting sprinkled with premium NOCH leaves. This special grounded and sophisticated coloured material is quite similiar to the leaves of the original tree. Contents: Packaging Unit: 1 Tree Height: 190.00 mm