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Noch 60745 Street Marking Templates - Suitable for HO and OO Scales

by Noch
SKU N60745

5 templates, 43 symbols Details Street Marking Templates The Complete Solution! The Starter Set Street Markings (ref. 60740) offers the complete solution when designing street markings. With the flexible curved ruler, which is a part of the set, centrelines and street markings can be designed without any problem at all curves. The special street marking pen is ideal for adding street markings, either with the template or the curved ruler. The start set also contains one template for each scale H0, TT and N as sample. A more extensive variety of templates with different street markings, such as directional arrows, cross walks, parking space markings and a lot more symbols for all scales, are available individually. The special Street Marking Pens are available as set of three as an accessory (ref. 91950). Please enquire for further details.