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Oxford Diecast 76DT002 Diamond T980 Tank Transporter 1st Canadian Army Italy 1943 1:76 Scale

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For the second release on our World War II Diamond T980 Tank Transporter, we turn from the desert camouflage of our launch vehicle as used in the Western Desert to another Allied Forces livery, as deployed by the 1st Canadian Armoured Brigade just across the Mediterranean to Italy in 1943. The Allied forces used the Diamond T 980 extensively during the conflict and after the war, the Army sold off many of them to civilian heavy haulage and recovery specialists. However, the military retained some and several were still in use right up to the early 1970s. This model wears drab dark green and brown camouflage with colourful Canadian Armoured Brigade markings, including their Maple Leaf emblem. The cab doors feature the military numbering R.9 H417459 in yellow and white respectively and the cab roof carries the RAF roundel, while the tank transporter section is identified in white as X464390. The model is finished off with a completely black interior.