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Oxford Diecast 76FF007 Ford Fiesta MK1 Titan Blue/Strat Silver - 1:76 Scale - OO Gauge

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The Ford Motor Company introduced the highly popular Ford Fiesta Mk 1 in the late 1970s. A hit from the start, the versatile, economical and trendy little motor was usually seen in a single colour scheme but in 1981 a very short run of 3000 Fiesta1.1L cars named Bravo appeared in a two-tone colour scheme. Our latest Fiesta release is a replica of this car registered EVV 969X from 1981. 

Decorated in eye-catching bright metallic blue and silver, our model features a black interior with grey seating. Exterior trim is finished in black and silver and note the distinctive radiator grille with the blue Ford badge embedded in the centre. The realistic silver and orange headlights to each side, as well as the rear light clusters reproduced in red and orange, replicate the real thing. 

It is a rare beast these days with very few surviving, so here at Oxford, we are very pleased to immortalise it in 1:76 scale miniature.

This Oxford Diecast MK1 comes in Titan Blue and Strato Silver. It is presented on a plinth, with a clear case lid and Oxford Automobile wrap.