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Oxford Diecast 76ZEP011 Ford Zephyr Bomb Disposal, 1:76 (OO) Scale

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Enthusiasts can either add it to a collection of saloon cars from the period or line it up in an RAF military role. The RAF grey blue colour scheme has been applied to the main bodywork including the central side section, the bonnet, boot and the roof. Bright red masking features on the front and rear wings with the RAF roundel on the bonnet, below which RAF BOMB DISPOSAL lettering is printed in red on white.

The RAF "Per Ardua ad Astra" crest is colourfully printed on the front doors of the Zephyr which is registered with a military plate 25 AM 44. The interior is also the blue-grey of the bodywork. The silver masking to the exterior includes the Zephyr 6 designation across the boot and the model is topped out with the characteristic full width Zephyr style radiator grille incorporating chrome headlights and Zephyr-specific wheel hubs, also masked in silver. A final detail comprises a blue and silver beacon positioned in the centre of the roof.

The Zephyr started life in 1950, manufactured by Ford of Great Britain in Dagenham, Essex, under the Ford Consul Mark 1 name but by 1962, the Consul name had been dropped when the Zephyrs 4 and 6 went on sale, complete with their innovative 4-cylinder Four Zephyr engines. The Zephyr came as a 4-door saloon, as modelled by Oxford and as a 5-door estate. Size-wise, the Zephyr, along with its upmarket partners the Zodiac and Executive were the largest passenger cars in Ford’s UK range from the early 1950s right up until 1972 when the company replaced them with later Consul and Granada models.