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Oxford Emergency Willys MB AA

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SKU 76WMB005

At the end of World War II the US Army Willys MB Jeep which had served admirably from 1941-1945 with many Allied forces, now ceased to have an immediate wartime role. However, the sturdy and useful vehicle was purchased by many peacetime military forces as well as by commercial and private users. It had been deployed as a 4 x 4 light cross country vehicle by the Allies in wartime and therefore fitted in very well to a role with the Automobile Association, even though it was left hand drive. Decorated in the familiar yellow and black AA colour scheme with the period AA badges and Road Service printed at the back of the bonnet, our model is registered 889 UXL. It carries a set of tools fixed to the driver’s side and two fuel tanks fixed to the back alongside the spare wheel. Not surehow comfortable it would have been to have been ‘rescued’ in this vehicle but the kids would have loved every minute!